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Aachen, Germany
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The center will serve as a hub for delivering capability building in a real-life demonstration and learning environment, as well as a test base for piloting and scaling up new digital solutions.

DCC Aachen is part of a global network of capability centers set up by McKinsey in collaboration with leading universities and technology providers. Other centers are located in Chicago, Venice, Beijing, and Singapore.

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The Digital Capability Center (DCC) Aachen – part of McKinsey global network of DCC’s – is a new kind of learning factory focusing on Industry 4.0. Manufacturing specialists and managers as well as future engineers can explore this realistic factory environment. It offers them the tools they need to drive their own company's digital transformation.

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Explore state-of-the-art applications of digital operations technologies
Digital performance management

Empowered problem solving that relies on consistent, actionable data and clear action monitoring

Condition monitoring

Real-time monitoring of production equipment

Digital Assistance System

Quick escalation process and direct information from other services

Tailored work instructions and adaptive workstations

Suggestions for optimal performance based on product specifications and operator requirements

DCC Aachen lets you solve real-life production challenges and try out new digital technologies and solutions on the spot
Our Digital Capability Centers provide a great setting for adult learning – interactive, experiential, and offering freedom to experiment without risk. You get the chance to test drive many different digital applications and learn how they can benefit your company.

Coming soon:
Augmented reality (AR) assistance for maintenance technicians

Cut time-to-repair, reduce skill variability between technicians, and improve machine reliability

Automated guided vehicle (AGV) for logistics

Improve labor productivity and reduce picking errors with a robot that picks boxes in the supermarket and brings them to the production station

Adaptive workstations

Decrease ergonomic risks, shorten cycle time, and improve productivity with automatic adjustment of workstations to fit operator ergonomics and the next work order (e.g., setup, warmup, parameter adjustment)

In-process control

Reduce manual control and quality defects through real-time control over the quality of critical manufacturing steps

Self-adjusting process

Improve quality rates and operator productivity through automated quality control and ad hoc adjustment of machine parameters

These and other digital business solutions will be implemented by the end of 2018
Industry 4.0 offers many ways of creating value and will help increase productivity to secure competitiveness

lower inventory holding costs


reduction in quality costs


increase in forecasting accuracy


higher productivity through automation of knowledge work


decrease in total machine downtime


shorter time-to-market

DCC Aachen features a
realistic factory environment

The center features an end-to-end value chain – from order to delivery – for the manufacture of a smart, customized wristband. To support our experiential capability building approach, the line can be converted from "current state" to "future state".

The current state process serves as a realistic model of good practices and is used to train participants in applying and optimizing the methods and tools required to realize a digital transformation. The future state process is used to showcase the potential of state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 applications.

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